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The Monkey and The Fish

I heard Dave Gibbons speak at the Leadership Summit a few weeks ago, and I thought his talk was so engaging that I bought The Monkey and The Fish for my Kindle while he was speaking.  Nevertheless, school and other complications caused me to put the book on hold for a while.  But I got around to it this week and finished it quickly.  Dave presents a compelling case for Third Culture Leadership, and the book does a great job of expanding on the ideas he presented at TLS.  I would highly recommend it for almost anyone interested in the future of the church.  Some of the more memorable ideas to me were:

Those who follow Jesus embody fluidity, adaptation, and collaboration.

If there’s one quality that matters most to the fate of the church in the twenty-first century, it’s adaptability.

Today, we cannot separate the what from the how, the message from the method. The issue is not just sharing our message but becoming the message. The form is just as important as the content. If the medium doesn’t match the message, the message is incongruous.

…the church historically has proven slow to embrace necessary change and to adapt to ethnic, sociological, and cultural shifts. It’s like we know we’re unhealthy but we don’t want to go to the doctor to take care of the problem.

what’s becoming clear to me is that the more adaptive we are to the Holy Spirit and to diverse people groups and settings, the more we reflect who Jesus is

Look at who speaks at the conferences. How many times have you seen a pastor of twenty-five people speak at the main plenary session at a pastor’s conference?

I’m convinced we need new metrics, new ways to measure and define success — for our own sake and for the sake of the people we’re trying to reach with God’s love.

One of the many things that’s so striking about this, as Rob Bell points out, is that we often talk to people about believing in Jesus, having faith in Jesus. But how about turning that around: Jesus believes in you. Jesus has faith in you. The Rabbi of rabbis thinks we can become like him!


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