gumption |ˈgəmp sh ən|noun| shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.

Two weeks ago, as I was registering for another semester of school, I noticed that I was not fully admitted into the MBA program at DBU.  In fact, I had a probationary admission pending an acceptable score on the GMAT.  I would only be allowed to take 12 hours of credit towards my MBA before I would have to take the GMAT.  This led me to the original admissions criteria for the program, where I found that I actually met or exceeded all of the necessary components.  (undergraduate grades, SAT entrance scores, managerial experience, size 10.5 shoe, O- blood type, you get the idea…)  So I sat down to write a letter.

I compiled my evidence, and succinctly presented my case to the graduate admissions committee.  It was compelling in my eyes, but the world of academia is oftentimes confusing and difficult to predict.  Days passed by, until I received an email today stating:

The Master’s Degrees Admission Committee granted your request to waive the GMAT requirement based on your work experience and current graduate GPA.  You are now Full Complete to the MACE/MBA Dual Degree program.

Great news!  To keep perspective, it’s not like world hunger was solved, but this is a major inconvenience out of my life and I am thrilled.  A friend of mine who I asked to proofread my letter asked me why I thought I shouldn’t have to take the test, and so he was the first person I called today.  I proclaimed my victory, and he laughed at my gumption and audacity.  He also reminded me that “A ‘No’ is always free.”

Ask a big question today.  Who knows what you’ll find…


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    Nick A said,

    Can I have your next paycheck?

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