New Year’s Resolution(s)

I have one big idea for this year, and it might sound trivial, but I think it’s actually really important.  So here it is….my new year’s resolution:

  • To keep track of what books I read. (start date, end date, memorable quotes, etc)

I did think of a few other resolutions that I might do, but I don’t want the pressure of being accountable for:

  1. Drink more black coffee
  2. Have one meat-free day each week
  3. Read more fiction
  4. Listen to some country music
  5. Play guitar in front of people more
  6. Run a few miles a week
  7. Go on a silent retreat 3 times over the year
  8. Take my wife on more dates
  9. See more movies at the Athens movie theater
  10. Use Bento, Omnifocus, or some other software to be more productive

Happy New Year!


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  1. 1

    nick said,

    did you read don millers blog on resolutions? I probably can’t afford to go climb a mt, but maybe we could run a small marathon or something… Beach to bay… Big D… Edinburg 10k…

  2. 2

    How about the Athens triathlon at the beginning of march? You me and Jacob lutz could do it together.

    • 3

      Nick A said,

      I’m down… I honestly don’t know if I’ll be ready that soon!!!! but I’m down for trying. Beka and I are starting P90X today or tomorrow… so I was thinking about maybe something just before summer or just after…

      Maybe we could do both… one in the next couple months like the triathlon, and then another later on…

      PS. I don’t have a bike. Maybe I could use your scooter for that part!!

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