4 Percent

I was driving to work this morning listening to the Diane Rehm show on NPR (aren’t I pretentious?) and her guest was Chris Varvares, the president of Macroeconomic Advisers.  Varvares has a rather optimistic view about the economy and our recovery efforts and he predicted that there would be a strong increase in employent during 2010.  The reason for his optimism: a 4% shift in the GDP.

When I got to work, the internet was working.  That may not sound like much, but for the past 3 weeks, our internet connection has been lousy.  The internet is only a tool, but for what I do, it’s a very important tool and I have felt far more productive at the office today.

As I was about to leave for lunch at the high school, Erin H. reminded me that there had been a schedule change so that AHS could add a 9th period to the regular school day.  While the lunches hadn’t been moved that much, it was enough to throw off my plans and meant that I would go another day.

Before I went to grab some food at my house, a church member caught me and told me about a prayer group that he meets with on Wednesdays.  The group is made up of people from churches here in Athens and other nearby towns.  It’s not a large group, but he said that he believes by meeting together to pray that bigger things will one day happen.

It seems that I have been confronted with all of these little changes today.  A 4% GPD shift, the internet being fixed, a schedule change, and prayer might have little similarities on the surface, but the combination has made me pause and wonder if little things might not be so little after all.  While major events tend to dominate headlines and websites, the small interactions that we have every day are far more meaningful.  Like Elijah, I’m wondering if I might miss God looking for him in the wind, fire, and earthquake when all along he’s been in the gentle whisper.


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