Grace and Tolerance

I’m thinking through an upcoming sermon, and one of the major themes of the passage is the toleration of sin within a community of faith.  Confrontational preaching is outside of my wheelhouse and I’m trying to wrap my mind around how to explain and teach this difficult subject.

The quicksand that I keep getting caught up in right now deals with the difference between Grace and Tolerance.  In their simplest forms, grace can be defined as the unmerited favor of God and tolerance is a disposition to allow freedom of choice.  I have a sincere belief that too often in the church what we mean as grace is actually closer to tolerance, especially when it comes to sin.  We tend to overlook and explain away and justify sin, usually in the name of grace.  We just want to love people.

But is there a chance that what we are doing is tolerating the very thing that God finds horrible?  Grace moves us to repentance.  Tolerance lets us stay put.  I’d love to hear some feedback.


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