Help For Haiti

We are only 13 days into the new year, but already some major craziness has happened. Within Athens, three churches have been set on fire in what is believed to be a major arson operation. And then last night, a massive earthquake hit Port Au Prince, Haiti. As of this morning, the burned churches are not in need of anything – they have a place to meet Sunday, and they have they other necessary items for a church. However, Haiti is in very real need of some help…and you can be a part of the relief.

For those of you in Athens, you can do 2 easy things this week. First, come to Generate tonight at 6:30pm at the ROC and buy a cookie for $1. Second, buy a “Help Haiti” TShirt for $10. (we’re getting the shirts for $4 which means $6 goes to relief) All of the money that is collected will be given to Compassion International Disaster Relief. According to Compassion, $35 provides food and water for a family for a week (this means 35 cookies or 6 shirts will help 1 family for a week…not too shabby).

The great thing is that you might have an even better idea than shirts and cookies. Go for it. Raise some money…send it to Haiti…help some people…all of it serves Jesus.


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