I Wish I Were Haitian

Today I’ve been watching CNN.  A lot of CNN.  This morning Aaron Ivey and Jamie Ivey delivered a solid interview on American Morning about adoption.  The rest of the day, I’ve been trying to let the images of devastation overwhelm me.  But then something crazy happened.  While I was making lunch, there was a video of people walking through the streets singing.  Singing?!?!

The reporters started discussing how Haiti is a deeply religious place, and that people all across the island have been turning to their faith in the wake of the greatest disaster in the Western Hemisphere in the past 200 years.  Of all of the pictures and video and iReports that I have seen, this segment has stirred my soul the most.  Basically, I wish I was a Haitian.

Don’t get me wrong: I love electricity, and satellite TV, and plumbing, and food in my refrigerator.  But I also know that all of these things keep me insulated from absolute dependance on God.  The CNN reporter said something to the effect of, “The Haitians have lost everything, and they are turning to the only thing that cannot be taken away.”  It is nearly impossible to cling to Jesus when I’m holding onto all of the stuff around me.  Prime example: this morning I got up to read my Bible and had a choice in front of me.  Should I read from my TNIV or ESV or NIV, or I could read on my computer, or I could even pick up my iPhone and study the Scriptures from there.  The most holy thing I’ve done all day is still stuck in my consumer lifestyle.

I love the life that I have.  I get to spend my days serving other people, and I have a great home with an awesome wife and two wonderful kids.  We have a lot of fun and get to do amazing things.  But deep down, when I saw Haitians worshipping in their tragedy, there was a strong part of me that wants to connect to that and understand that.


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    Joshua Buford said,

    I can completely understand where you are coming from. Lately, I have been struggling with something similar myself. It’s hard to live fully for Christ when we are set in such a materialistic world. How are We, as Christians, to live like Jesus, when everyday our lives are filled with these meaningless possessions that are meant only to distract us? The Haitians have a better life than us spiritually, for they do not suffer from the distractions that we do. I agree, I wish I were Haitian too.

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    Sanzaya said,

    Well said!!

  3. 3

    Orlando Gonzalez said,

    I totally get where you are coming from. Being able to hear God without all the static around us is always difficult. Haiti has been statistically Catholic from missionary work there, but in truth, many people still practice some form of their West African heritage, which is a pagan faith called voodoo. The first reports on the ground, spoke of utter darkness and screams of the dying….many were crying the name of “Jesus, Jesus”, as they lay dying in the rubble. Is this what it will be like in the End? Hopefully, this will be a turning point for Christianity in Haiti, who can say? But worrying about Dysentery, Malaria, Yellow fever and Hepatitis, not to mention the occasional bloody power grab that occurs every so many years, is a hostile place to worship. Your right, we have it so easy here by comparison. I have to wonder if there is a Haitian right now thinking, how nice it would be to be an American.

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