Busyness and Donatists

The honeymoon of the new year is over.  It started so calmly…there was no school, work was a little more relaxed, things were peacefully flowing along.  The past five days have been hectic; it hasn't been bad, but I have just let a few things slip (like this blog) that I wanted to keep up with.

One of the great things this week has brought is a complete selling out of the Help Haiti shirts.  144 shirts in 4 days…not too shabby.  Thank you people of Athens, Martin's Mill, Poyner, Crandall, and San Angelo.

Today I was reading for school about a controversy in the early church from a group called the Donatists.  The Donatists believed that the church was strictly a place for the saints, not for sinners.  Their movement gained steam during a period of persecution from Diocletian.  The possession of Scripture was illegal and some Christians had turned over their copy of the Scripture to officials and authorities-in essence they were renouncing their faith.  Those who hadn't caved in were critical and denounced this group.  After the pressure had subsided, many of the turncoats rejoined their churches much to the chagrin of the Donatists.  They believed that they had no place because of their previous actions.  Fascinating stuff.

I had never heard of this movement before, and I was so happy that our churches aren't anything like that….right?  We never think that it's only a place for Christians.  We don't try to exclude other people.  I was just overjoyed that American Christianity is so advanced and we don't have to deal with silly controversies like this.

Here's to being more graceful people and sharing Christ's love with everyone, not just those who are already in the family.

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