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Kindergarten Economics

Emma and I were discussing ownership tonight as I was tucking her in.  She told me to get out of "her bed" and I asked who the bed really belonged to.  "Mommy" she said.  

"Where did Mommy get the money to buy the bed?"
"The bank."
"Where did the bank get the money?"  And this is where it got interesting.
"The church."
"What?  The church?  How does that work?"
"The church gets the money and takes it to the bank," Emma explained to me.

I asked Emma who could go and get money from the bank.  "Anyone."  "Anyone?"  "Anyone."  Well that sounds simple.

I pressed her for a few more details, and this is where we landed for Emma's fiscal understanding.

The church gets money in the offering plate.
People work at the church so the money can be taken to the bank.
The bank gives the money to people.
People take the money to buy stuff and give it back to the church.

Without realizing it, Erin and I have raised a mini-Socialitst.

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