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12 Days of Photos – Day 3

I have read so many end-of-the-year lists (50 best albums, 10 best TV shows, 50 best music videos) that I thought it might be fun to have an Authentic Youth best of 2010 list.  Between now and Christmas day, I’ll share my Top 12 favorite photos from the past year.  Some of them are great photos, some of them capture great moments, and some of them are both.

Who doesn’t want to chase after someone with a sword once in their life?  This past May on the Senior Adventure, 11 brave souls were given the chance at the Scarborough Renaissance Faire.  The entire Senior Adventure was excellent, but this moment might have been my favorite.  (actually, the Turtle Races were the best but I don’t have a picture!)  Although the Renaissance Faire was a crazy place, this trip is definitely one of the top moments from the past year in my book.


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