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Sunday Sermon Audio

The Letter To Thyatira by First Baptist Church – Athens, Tx
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The Letter to Thyatira.mp3 (33127 KB)

This past Sunday, I had the chance to deliver the sermon on Sunday morning. I went through my process of crafting a sermon last week, and here is the finished product. For some reason, the first few minutes are missing but it was just some introduction stuff. No big deal.

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Churches Should Stop Marketing

You can read why here.

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I watched the final talk of last year’s Catalyst Conference by Andy Stanley called Systems.  Fascinating.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  It explains so many things that are hard to put into words.

Andy says that systems create behavior.  And he goes on to say that behaviors that are rewarded are behaviors that are repeated.  Which leads to the question: what behavior do you want repeated in your family / church / life?  Are there systems in place that encourage this behavior?  If not, why are you surprised that those things don’t happen?

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Once again, is giving away good content.  This latest installment is ChurchMetrics, a free trend watcher for your churches attendance, giving, and salvation/baptism information.  Numbers are only 1 piece of the trend-pie that needs to be watched by churches, so I wouldn’t say this is the end-all solution to being in church leadership.  But if you can utilize a free program to do it rather than spend time making a goofy spreadsheet, then why not take advantage.

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