Happy Birthday Erin!

Cuttin a rug...Today my lovely wife turns 25. On a related note, Caedmon turns 2 months. If you reside anywhere in the Athens area, come to the house tonite at 6:30 for fajitas and 24. If you don’t like fajitas, or if you’re a vegetarian, we will have some other food options. If you don’t like 24, well then you should question whether or not you really bleed red, white, and blue like all good Americans should.
The picture above is almost a year old, and is absolute proof that while I believe in my heart that I can move like Michael Jackson, in reality I dance like Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein. Why am I holding her forearm? It looks like she’s trying to run away as I pull her back to my cave in the woods. Anyway…Happy Birthday Babe!


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